How I started

October 2021 by Stephen Coppa

When I first created drones for hire, I came up with the idea when my photographer friend told me in the middle of history class during senior year that he does photography for a living. And when the Pandemic started I knew that soceity was evolving again. I heard talk about Amazon using drones to deliver packages but the thing about package delivery is that it has been around for a while now, but other possibilites existed for drones, such as surveillance and photography, now while this story is not incredibly inspiring there was a target audience and a job landscape that needed to be filled. I worked and stuidied for the PART 107 until I achieved my goal.
That is when I had this idea to use my certification for other purposes like photography and surveillance, with the help of my friend I was inspired to make a fulfilling business that could give me the oppertunity to teach others. During this pandemic I have learned one important thing that has kept me going. Only the sky is the limit, truly nothing is holding me back from achiving my passion and hobbies; I only hope to spread that positivity.

Drone Flight classes starting soon!